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We invest in security: Free AntiDDoS

by SW Team

At SW Hosting we continue to focus on improving the security of our products and we continue to offer improvements to our customers. On this occasion, we offer a free AntiDDoS mitigation security service to all our Cloud product customers.

A Premium service that, normally, the competition offers it for a fee and that our clients get it totally free.

What is a DDoS attack?

Distributed network attacks are commonly known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This type of attack takes advantage of the capacity limits of network resources, typical of the company's website infrastructure.

The goal of a DDoS attack is to take a server, service, or infrastructure down. This type of attack can take different forms: saturating the server's bandwidth to make it inaccessible, or exhausting system resources to prevent it from responding to the legitimate traffic requested.

During a DDoS attack, multiple requests are sent simultaneously from various points on the network. The intensity of the requests destabilizes the service.

The DDoS attack sends multiple requests to the attacked web resource, with the intention of overflowing the capacity of the website and preventing it from working properly.

How a DDoS attack works

a) The server works normally: it sends and receives data in the usual way. b) The DDoS attack begins, which attempts to overload the bandwidth or exhaust system resources. c) The network is saturated, so the server cannot handle the data packets due to the huge amount of incoming information.

Hackers carry out DDoS attacks by hijacking unprotected computers, onto which they install malware. With thousands of these "infected computers", hackers attack a website or web application with the aim of making it unavailable.

Due to the continuous growth in the volume of data circulating over the network, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Attacks have moved from the network tiers to the application tier, where protection against DDoS attacks is more difficult to maintain. The size of attacks has also grown exponentially and most companies do not have the resources to obtain adequate protection.

How does your free AntiDDoS protection work?

The protection is designed to mitigate DDoS attacks in the cloud and constitutes a first line of defense whose objective is to prevent large-scale attacks and debug DDoS traffic before it reaches our Data Centers and your Clouds or Servers.

The concept of "Collective Security" is applied, everything is protected.

Smart probes analyze in real time all the traffic that enters our data centers and decide which one can be harmful or generate a wave of DDoS attacks or flooding. This is when the process of mitigating or blocking this traffic is activated automatically for the entire duration of the attack.

These intelligent probes learn and are fed with information that allows to identify more and more precisely the traffic that is part of DDoS attacks.

It is an AntiDDoS protection that many companies offer as a paid service but that at SW Hosting we offer you completely free of charge.

We also offer you advanced AntiDDoS protection

We know that security is very important to our customers, so now, in addition to free AntiDDoS filtering, we offer our customers advanced AntiDDoS protection.

What is advanced AntiDDoS protection better at?

The advanced DDoS mitigation protection, continuously activates the analysis of all the traffic that enters all the IPs of your Cloud or Server through a more concrete and specific study, analyzing it with much more precision and deciding the action based on the specific traffic that your service receives, not depending on the global analysis of the traffic of the entire Data Center where your service is located.

All traffic on your service is analyzed in real time to protect it from DDoS attacks and large-scale fragmented flood attacks.

Thanks to this option, filtering reaction times are improved: they are practically instantaneous, making protection much more efficient and intelligent with the traffic that your service must receive and being able to fully learn the specific needs of DDoS protection of your Cloud.

This advanced protection is designed to improve those specific points of free DDoS protection that can only be detected with a much more timely analysis.

In addition, you will have much more information and details in the advanced option: SW Panel will show you an informative Dashboard with real-time information on the attacks and / or waves of attacks that your service is receiving and will show you how the AntiDDoS protection is reacting to block them and protect your Cloud.

You will have much more detail of what is happening in real time.

Remember that you can contract advanced AntiDDoS protection at any time from your SW Panel.

But did you already offer other security services in your products?

Indeed, this new service improves the other services already included for free that we were offering you. All your Cloud services currently have 4 free security layers included:

  1. New AntiDDoS Mitigation service (the one we will discuss in this article)
  2. Smart Layer 4 Edge FW
  3. New Generation or Layer 7 FW in analysis mode (not blocking)
  4. Fail2Ban service installed on your Cloud

Combining all these layers of security we provide you with a very secure environment for your services and your data.

In addition, you can activate additional security tools for each of your Cloud services or servers based on your specific needs.

We advise you to activate layer 7 or new generation perimeter security in blocking mode in order to have a specific FireWall that will also analyze all the incoming and outgoing traffic from your Cloud or Server to further guarantee the total security of your data and services.

Remember that you can activate Layer 7 perimeter security in lockdown mode at any time from your SW Panel.

Now your Cloud will be more protected than ever and you will have this extra security that your business needs for free.

No other provider offers you all this level of security with no cost. Don't think twice and come to SW Hosting now.

Remember that you have a Cloud One available for only 3,95€/ month.