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What are the .COOKING, .MENU and .RECIPES domain extensions?

by SW Team

At SW Hosting, we are delighted to join the global celebration of World Food Day. On this occasion, we have launched three domain extensions that will delight all food lovers: .COOKING, .MENU and .RECIPES.

But that's not all, we are pleased to offer you an exceptional 70% discount on the .RECIPES domain extension. This is a unique opportunity to bring your passion for cooking to the web and share your best recipes with the world. Want to know more about these domain extensions and how they can boost your online presence? Then read on!

What are .COOKING, .MENU and .RECIPES domains for?

The .COOKING, .MENU and .RECIPES domain extensions are unique domains that allow food and gastronomy lovers to bring their passion to the web. These extensions are for:

  • Identify Thematically: They immediately establish the theme of your site and help visitors understand what it is about.

  • Improve Visibility: They help increase visibility in search engines by being directly related to searches about food, gastronomy and related topics.

  • Connect with a Targeted Audience: They make it easier to connect with an audience passionate about food, building an engaged community.

  • Add Credibility: They add a touch of professionalism and credibility to your website, especially if you are a food business.

  • Inspire Creativity: They give you the opportunity to be creative and stand out online, making your website more memorable.

In other words, these domains are not just web addresses, they are vehicles that can boost your online presence and help you share your love of food in an effective and unique way.

Advantages of Using These Domain Extensions

Registering a .COOKING, .MENU or .RECIPES domain goes beyond simply choosing a web address. These domain extensions offer a number of significant benefits that can make all the difference to your online presence. Here is a closer look at how these extensions can enhance your web experience:

  • Audience Segmentation: These extensions allow you to segment your audience. For example, if you have an Italian restaurant, the domain allows you to target a specific audience interested in Italian food. This ensures that visitors to your website are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

  • Connect with a Like-Minded Audience: Attract people who are passionate about food and build a strong community around your website where food lovers can connect, share experiences and enjoy quality culinary content.

  • Memorability: Keeps visitors coming back to the website in the near future. They also encourage user loyalty, as visitors are more likely to return if they remember a domain. It also differentiates you in a competitive online marketplace, making you stand out from the crowd.

  • Mobile Optimisation: Today, the majority of web searches are conducted from mobile devices. By having a relevant domain such as, you are adapting your website to search trends and the growing mobile audience. This improves the user experience and can generate more traffic.

  • Content Diversification: These extensions allow you to create a variety of themes, organise specific content, explore niches, build communities, promote offers and creativity, enrich the user experience and extend reach - all of which are essential to the success of your gastronomy website.

  • Simplify the Search for Available Domains: Simplify the search for available domains by offering broad availability, increased search relevance, quick theme identification, reduced confusion and creative options. This streamlines the process of establishing a food and hospitality online presence, increasing visibility and online success.

  • Brand Customisation: These extensions allow for creative customisation of your brand. You can choose a domain name that reflects your style and passion, for example This helps to create a unique and memorable brand image for your visitors.

  • Targeted Marketing: When you use a themed domain, you are sending a clear message to your audience. For example, a .RECIPES domain such as indicates that your site focuses on recipes, which will appeal to those looking for culinary inspiration. This simplifies your marketing strategy and engages your target audience more effectively.

These benefits make themed domain extensions a strategic and powerful choice for your food and hospitality online presence.

You already know how to make the most of these domain extensions and their benefits. Don't miss the opportunity to register a .COOKING, .MENU or .RECIPES with SW Hosting and take advantage of the incredible 70% discount on .RECIPES. You can get started by clicking here:


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