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What is the difference between hosting and domain?

by SW Team

Even today, after the great evolution of hosting and domain services, many people who work in the internet world still have the same doubt: Isn't a hosting service the same as a domain? Well, no!

A hosting service and a domain are two completely different services, but they complement each other and cannot work separately.

So, what's the difference?

What is a domain?

As we explained in the post: What is a domain and what are its parts, a domain is a fundamental entity in the functioning of the internet. It is a unique name that identifies a website on the web. In essence, a domain acts as a bridge between human language and network language, facilitating accessibility to resources on the internet.

When we type a domain in the address bar of our browser, such as "" or "", the domain name system (DNS) takes care of translating that readable name for us into the corresponding numeric IP address, "", which indicates the location of the server where the web content is hosted.

Thus, the domain not only simplifies internet navigation by providing a memorable way to access websites, but also plays a crucial role in creating and promoting the online presence of businesses, organisations and individuals.

Now that you know what a domain is, we invite you to explore the domain extensions we offer along with their prices. In this way, you will be able to choose the one that best suits you and make your project a reality.


What is a hosting service?

A hosting service, on the other hand, is the space on a server where the files and data necessary to make a website available on the internet are stored. When someone visits a website, the browser sends a request to the server where the site is hosted, and this server responds by sending the necessary files to display the web page in the visitor's browser. As we explained in the post: What is a web server?

At SW Hosting, the hosting service is a comprehensive solution that provides not only the space on the server to store the website files, but also a variety of additional services that are essential for the effective operation and management of a website. Among others, the most notable are:

  • Web service: As mentioned above, hosting provides the space on the server where the website files are stored, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and other multimedia resources.

  • Email management: Management and creation of email accounts associated with the website domain. This allows website owners to have customised email addresses such as [email protected], which adds an additional layer of professionalism to the online presence.

  • Database management: Dynamic websites and web applications often require the use of databases to store and retrieve information. The hosting service includes the ability to create and manage MariaDB databases.

  • FTP Management: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a common way of transferring files between the local computer and the hosting server. So we provide you with a quick and easy way to create FTP access to remotely upload, download or edit files from the server.

  • DNS Zone Management: Each Hosting service has its own DNS Zone, which allows you to manage DNS records and provides 100% customisation of the service.

  • Free SSL/TLS Certificates: Security is an important concern on the Internet. So we offer you free SSL/TLS certificates that guarantee a secure connection between the server and the user's browser, which helps protect the privacy and integrity of the data transmitted between them.

  • Cloudflare CDN: As part of our hosting services, we offer integration with Content Delivery Network (CDN) services such as Cloudflare. A CDN helps improve website loading speed by caching static site content on globally distributed servers, which reduces the physical distance between the server and end users, thereby improving the user experience.

As a concept, hosting provides the space and resources necessary to make a website available on the internet.

At SW Hosting we also regularly publish content about hosting so you can explore its different features and find interesting information. And if you want, you can check out our hosting plans and start building an increasingly complete project.



While a domain is the address we use to access a website, the hosting service is the space on a server where the files and data necessary for the site to be available on the internet are stored. Both are complementary but different services, and they need each other for a website to work properly. Without Domain we would not be able to access the Hosting and without Hosting the Domain would not show any content.