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Build a Better Future: The Power of .CHARITY, .GIVES and .SBS Domains

by SW Team

At SW Hosting, we have added new domain extensions, .CHARITY, .GIVES and .SBS, as a small tribute to Human Rights Day, celebrated last December 10th, and Volunteerism Day, celebrated on December 5th. Also, in anticipation of Human Solidarity Day, which will take place on December 20th. These domains are already available for you to register and make the most of, just click here:


In this blog, you will be able to explore these domains in depth and discover how they can be of great help to you. Here we will not only provide you with information about the benefits of these domains, but also other relevant details that can be of great use to you.

Benefits of Using .CHARITY, .GIVES and .SBS Domains

By including .CHARITY, .GIVES and .SBS domain extensions, organizations, businesses and even individuals can access a number of benefits that go beyond mere online identification. These benefits are:

  • Instant Visibility and Recognition: These extensions provide a clear and distinctive online identity. This results in increased visibility and recognition by visitors and potential customers.

  • Conveys Values and Purpose: A .CHARITY domain immediately communicates the altruistic purpose of a nonprofit organization, while a .GIVES highlights a commitment to philanthropic action. On the other hand, a .SBS indicates a focus on social responsibility and sustainability. These extensions serve as an effective vehicle to convey the values of the URL itself.

  • Building Trust and Credibility: Online visitors tend to trust websites with relevant and specific domain extensions. By using .CHARITY, .GIVES, or .SBS, an organization demonstrates a dedicated focus on social causes, charity, or corporate responsibility, which helps build trust and credibility.

  • Stand Out in a Competitive Marketplace: In a saturated online environment, standing out is essential. And these extensions offer a way to stand out from the crowd. For example, a .CHARITY domain clearly distinguishes a charitable organization, while a .SBS can differentiate a company committed to sustainability.

  • Attract Donors and Supporters: For nonprofit organizations, a .CHARITY domain can be a magnet for donors, conveying a clear commitment to the cause. Similarly, a .GIVES can attract those who want to contribute to philanthropic initiatives. And businesses looking for socially responsible partners can benefit from a .SBS domain.

  • Easy to Remember and Instantly Accessible: These domains allow for direct and quick access to the site, which improves the user experience and makes it easier to share the URL with an interested audience.

Curiosities About the .CHARITY, .GIVES and .SBS Extensions

Learning more about these domain extensions not only provides you with information, but can also be useful for you to use to your advantage. Here are some interesting facts and information about these domains.

  • Allowed Characters: These extensions allow a variety of characters in domain names, including letters of the alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-). However, hyphens cannot be at the beginning or end of the domain name, nor can they appear consecutively in the 3rd and 4th positions. It is important to note that spaces and special characters should be avoided to ensure proper functionality and compatibility with web standards.

  • Customizable Length: Although these extensions allow you to create domain names with a length of between 1 and 63 characters, it is advisable to opt for shorter and more memorable options. The length of the domain plays a crucial role in making it much easier for visitors and potential customers to remember the domain name.

  • Message in the URL: Each of these extensions has a unique message in the URL. A .CHARITY domain communicates a commitment to altruistic causes, .GIVES highlights the act of giving, and .SBS indicates a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The choice of extension thus becomes an integral part of the online narrative.

  • Digital Marketing Trend: The trend toward personalization and emotional connection in digital marketing has increased the popularity of these extensions. Using one of these domains aligns you with the current narrative of brands seeking authenticity and purpose.

  • Flexibility in Use: While these extensions have a specific theme, their use is not strictly limited. Organizations can find creative ways to incorporate them into their marketing and communications strategies.


The CHARITY, .GIVES and .SBS domain extensions are not only online identifiers, they are strategic tools for organizations, companies and individuals committed to social causes and responsibility. From highlighting altruistic causes to communicating sustainable practices, these extensions offer tangible benefits such as visibility, credibility, and differentiation. By adopting them, you establish a direct connection to humanitarian values and enhance your online presence. Discover the power of these extensions and make your website reflect your commitment! Don't wait any longer to register and get the most out of them.


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