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Why can you be scared of it?

by SW Team

The first step is to decide what type of Cloud service we need. Once clarified the model and the best option for us, we run find another barrier: to know whether we will pay off that investment or not.

Often many companies have invested in systems architecture, in its own Data Center or whatever, and they doubt whether they need a data center or external Cloud platform. The difference is that the Cloud system is completely new and is not like the other infrastructure they may invest on it so far.

The reasons are:

- Pay per use (no surprises with budgets)

- Automatic reduction and extension

- Self-scalability and auto-provisioning on real-time

- Unlimited space

- High security guaranteed

- the world’s fastest disk access (Flash System)

- 0 € in your own infrastructure investment

- If you are not satisfied you can cancel the service

- SW Hosting is a IBM provider (quality and response guarantee)

A unique advice we give to you from SW Hosting is: it is important that your services stay within the Spanish state to guarantee the protection of your data.