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Enhancement of Next Generation Security (Firewall Layer 7)

by SW Team

Since we started offering you our Hosting and Cloud services, we have always been concerned about providing you with the best of the market and at a competitive price. In addition, we have been constantly updated to provide you with the best solutions to meet your needs. So, we are pleased to announce a very important news: an improvement in our Shared Hosting and Cloud services.

At SW Hosting, we have implemented additional intelligent security which includes improvements in pre-detection of attacks and IP filtering. Also, we have solutions to prevent malicious traffic on Hosting services that are already hosted on our servers or on your Cloud servers. This improvement is part of our "Next Generation Security", which is the Layer 7 Firewall that you can activate in your SWPanel.

All our customers, both new and current, who have a Hosting or Cloud service and have activated the "New Generation Security", will be able to enjoy this IP filtering. Our security automatically detects IPs that represent a threat to the customer and blocks them immediately, without allowing them to access. This way, your websites and servers will be more protected, avoiding possible hacks, spammers and other external threats.

Technical details of the improvement

As you could see, the improvement we have implemented consists of eliminating traffic from IPs considered as malicious and attackers. This decision is based on information gathered from attacks perpetrated around the world. To do this, information from several sites is dynamically integrated into a "blacklist" and traffic from IPs appearing on it is blocked. The information comes from reputable providers such as AbuseIP DB, ProofPoint Emerging Threats, among others. It should be noted that ProofPoint also helps to detect the latest threats.

In the case of AbuseIP DB, all IPs with a percentage of around 70% Confidence of Abuse are automatically blocked. In other words, IPs reported by many users as malicious are immediately detected and blocked.

For those of you who are not familiar with AbuseIP DB, we will briefly explain what it is. It is a database of IPs whose goal is to combat spammers, hackers and any abusive activity on the Internet, as well as to ensure that websites are more secure. This is achieved by providing a list of IPs used for malicious activities. This list grows as users provide information and report malicious IPs. In addition, if an IP is highly dangerous or malicious, it gets a high percentage (Confidence of Abuse), as it is reported by many users.  This database also supports integration with Fail2Ban for automatic reporting of abusive IPs.

FireWall Layer 7, "Next Generation Security"?

Layer 7 FireWall, also known as Application FireWall or Next Generation FireWall, is capable of performing functions on network protocols higher than layer 4. With the increasing sophistication of hackers and advanced threats, traditional firewalls are no longer as effective as they once were. For this reason, to protect a business from constantly evolving threats, the Next Generation Firewall offers a deeper level of network security.

A Layer 7 Firewall has the ability to analyse and protect a server or Cloud from a wide variety of attacks thanks to its analysis capacity and power. Some of the most important functions are:

  • Filtering at application level
  • Filtering by URL
  • Application control: WEB, FTP, P2P, etc.
  • Protect against denial of service attacks
  • Protect against code injection attacks
  • SandBox
  • SSL traffic inspection
  • Filtering by user

Regarding SWPanel's “Next Generation Security”, it is the ability of SWPanel to activate and manage several layers of Firewall, to filter the incoming and outgoing traffic of a server or Cloud and thus guarantee total protection against attacks. This way, the server or Cloud is protected and does not become the attacker. If you want to know more about Layer 7 Firewall and how to activate “Next Generation Security” in your SWPanel, we have a manual that explains it in detail, click here to see it.


All this we have done to guarantee you the best security and quality of service, because we are always very concerned about your satisfaction and that our services can solve, in the best way, all your needs. If you have hired a Hosting or Cloud, in your SWPanel you can activate the "New Generation Security", regardless of the plan you choose, this way you will have your website and services much safer.

In case you are curious and want to know more about AbuseIP DB, here is the link to their website so you can take a look:


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