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New migrations tool in SWPanel

by SW Team

In the new version of SWPanel 2021, we have added a new function to make it easier for our customers to transfer web content from an external provider to SWPanel, the "Tool to migrate websites".

It is a complete wizard, available in our control panel SWPanel, which will allow you to migrate, with total simplicity, all the content that you have in your old provider:

  • Migrates mail, web and databases, including all content, without losing any type of information.
  • Allows you to install a self-signed SSL certificate for each website or import a certificate that you already have available from your old provider.
  • If you have a multicloud service, you will be able to distribute your services (web, mail or databases) among your different Cloud servers, which allows you to improve the performance and availability of your services by distributing them on different servers.You will not find this feature in any other control panel or migration tool on the market.
  • It is totally free for all our clients with SWPanel. Migrating your websites and email will cost you nothing. In addition, you can use this tool as many times as you need.

Possible Migration Errors and How to Avoid Them

Although our tool is very simple to use, at times, you may find some inconveniences derived almost always from limitations in your current provider from which you want to migrate the contents.

Here are some useful tips that you can use in your migrations with our new tool.

  • Migrate the web to an existing hosting service: in case you want to migrate your web to a service that you have previously created in SW Hosting, remember that for the migration to be carried out successfully, the Hosting created must be empty. That is to say, there cannot be any CMD (WordPress, Prestashop or Moodle) installed, there cannot be any Database, nor FTP accounts created, nor email accounts.
  • Migrate web content: for the web copy to be successful you must indicate the path where your web content is located on your current server. Keep in mind that depending on where your FTP is pointing, the path you need to sync may vary. For example: - If you use Cpanel the path will be of the type "public_html/" - If you use Plesk the path will be "httpdocs/" - But if when you connect by FTP you are already in the web folder, the path will only be "/"
  • Migrate an SSL certificate: in order to migrate your current security certificate for your website, your provider must provide you with the certificate files (you need to copy the CRT, CA and KEY keys from it). If your provider doesn't provide them in any way, you can always choose to install a self-signed certificate.
  • Migrate databases: to successfully migrate your databases you must bear in mind that remote access to synchronize the database from an external connection must be enabled. This access is done through port 3306 and your provider must have it open to be able to connect to the databases. Not all providers will give you this option (for example, Ionos does not enable this port for external connections). In case it is not possible to open the port, this part of the migration must be unchecked and carried out via import / export (you can use tools such as PHPMyAdmin or HeidiSQL).
  • Migrate email accounts: this step does not usually cause configuration problems. Just keep in mind that you must always indicate the IP of the IMAP mail server, because the content is copied by synchronization against the IMAP mail server.

Our control panel SWPanel

SWPanel, our very own panel, is incredibly powerful and seamlessly integrated into our platform. You will be able to carry out all your procedures from a single place and access hundreds of functionalities.

  • Fully integrated: a single tool to control everything, any type of services, without the need to access other platforms or panels.
  • Designed for Resellers: white label and 100% customizable. Created for you to use as your management tool and that of your clients.
  • Support and Warranty: we do not depend on third parties. We are able to solve any doubt about SWPanel in the shortest time possible.
  • Continuous evolution: SWPanel evolves with new features continuously, based on the needs of our customers.
No other panel on the market offers you as much as SWPanel.

A help manual on the use of our new migration tool is available on our website: SWPanel Migration Tool Manual

What are you waiting to come to SW Hosting? Nobody gives you so many facilities to migrate your website. And if you have any questions or problems with the tool, we help you solve it.

Come to SW Hosting, everything is advantages.