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Official statement of the mail service incident

by SW Team

With this post, we want to share with all our clients this official statement, in which we explain at the detail what has been the incidence about mail service from the last hours.

For this purpose, we would like to explain what has been, how it has been solved and above all, teach our customers with No Managed Servers, how to act.

First of all, our servers (managed or shared), use a SPAM detector software. With this tool, our servers can filtrate all the e-mails being categorized as SPAM or not. This software, use different lists around the Internet, also known as ‘Blacklists’, so they can track all this messages and finally be categorized.

One of this ‘blacklists’ stopped working and was not available, while introducing the process known as ‘false positive’ and finally, blocking the mail service.Once received the alert from the anti-spam software developer for our servers, SW Hosting modify all the system parameters so our servers no long use this filter or ‘blacklist’. The process of modification was done and completed in all of our managed and shared servers.

This is why we wanted to make emphasis for our clients with No Managed servers so they can follow the fellow steps in their machines, if they want to:Create a policyd-weight configuration file, i fit doesn’t exist:

root@CLOUD:~# policyd-weight defaults > /usr/local/etc/policyd-weight.conf

  1. Check over the configuration file searching for the RBL conflictive “":

root@CLOUD:~# vi /usr/local/etc/policyd-weight.conf


                ## RHSBL settings

                 @rhsbl_score = (

                 '',             4,        0,        'SURBL',

                '',              4,        0,        'AHBL'


If this rbl is configured, we will erase it, and it will appear like:

## RHSBL settings

@rhsbl_score = (

'',             4,        0,        'SURBL'


  1. So policyd-weight can read the configuration file, it must be modified the file /etc/default/policyd-weight and it will look like:


DAEMON_OPTS="-f /usr/local/etc/policyd-weight.conf"

  1. Once done that, we can restart the service:


root@CLOUD:~# /etc/init.d/policyd-weight restart


Additional info:    

Throughout this afternoon it will be re-established at its total the mail service for all of our customers. We want to inform, that you can request more information through any of the regular communication ways.