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Resilience - Your SW Panel up to date

by SW Team

In order to continue advancing and to be as advanced as possible, we must continue to implement novelties, sometimes it may even cause us to rush and flood our change platform. To do otherwise would be to stay behind. This is the day to day of a technological, always go one step, at least, ahead of what is expected of it.

Whenever we announce a modification we want to explain the benefits of it and how it can help you and make your life easier, or at least the management of your infrastructure. Today, the feature that we present will be active in a very short period of time and its weight is much greater than it may seem at first.

Your SW Panel up to date and with Resilience

That computer security is a fashionable subject is not what we say, but we see it every day in the media, even generalists, and we are bombarded with a lot of information. Just talking about it does not protect us in the end, it can prevent us from some possible failures and help to be more attentive; but at the end of the day it does not make us safer.

In IT security, resilience is the ability to prepare, resist and recover quickly from threats and computer attacks. Resilience measures the protection status of your infrastructure against present and future threats, being a key element in the continuity of your business.

cybersecurity resilienceYour level of resilience is an indicative percentage that we calculate based on 7 key elements that contribute to increase the security of your services, your data and, ultimately, your company. So with these 7 key fields you can get to the idea of how you can improve the security of your infrastructure and which are more vulnerable or are more exposed.

With this innovation we hope that all our customers have safer structures thanks to being able to have a reference of what to do in each moment. We will continue to provide you with tools that are powerful enough to make it so.