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Snapshots for your website, the time machine exists

by SW Team

Find out what can happen when we make changes to the web and how SW Hosting offers you the perfect solution for these situations with SWPanel's SnapShot Web. Recover your site easily with this digital time machine.


Welcome to the "fascinating world" of web changes and CMS updates... You will have understood the irony ;-) We've all experienced the frustration of seeing our website go down, but what if we could reverse time and restore our site from a photo? With SW Hosting and its revolutionary SnapShot Web feature, it's now possible. In this article, we will explore the importance of this technological breakthrough and how it can be your salvation in critical moments.


The Challenges of upgrading your website

Every time we update a software, and in this case the Web is no different, we enter an unknown world in which many or no problems can happen... At that moment, is when we all wish we had a time machine to be able to go back to the moment we click "accept update"... Phew! Who hasn't gone through that more than once? Here is our experience with this situation and how we separate it into 2 main points that need to be analysed.

Common Challenges when Updating the Website

Making changes or updating your CMS can be risky. The possibility of your website going down is a reality that many of us have faced. Find out why these changes can become a headache and how to anticipate potential problems. Making changes to your website is essential to keep it up to date and secure. However, there are risks involved and it is crucial to understand these risks and the potential crashes that can occur.

The Complexity of Going Backwards

When our website is upgraded and goes down, the task of rolling it back can be staggeringly complicated. The loss of data and functionality is a constant challenge. Going back in time often ends up being the best solution, or even the only solution. Reversing changes can go from being a necessity to an ordeal. There is only one magic solution for these situations, and that is to have a time machine, that's why at SW Hosting we have built one for you.

Our time machine, your solution: The SWPanel Web SnapShots

Imagine having a digital time machine for your website. SW Hosting has created it with SnapShot Web, a revolutionary feature built into SWPanel. Learn how this tool allows you to create snapshots in time and save them to go back to a specific moment when you need to. SW Hosting has taken a step forward by offering SnapShot Web for free. This feature allows users to create temporary snapshots of their website, providing an effective solution for emergency situations.

All integrated in SWPanel and with just one click

SnapShots Web integrates seamlessly into your hosting control panel, SWPanel, to facilitate the creation and management of temporary snapshots, giving you full control over the timing and security of your website.

So, we made SWPanel become your temporary control centre with the integration of SnapShot Web. Learn how to get the most out of this feature from your hosting panel, use the scheduling option

Recovering your website: Doing a Rollback

Need to Recover your Website

Have you found yourself in the situation of needing to recover your website after disastrous changes? SnapShot Web is the answer to your problems. Find out why doing a rollback is essential and how this tool makes the process easier and more effective. The need to recover your website can arise at any time. SnapShot Web is the ideal solution for hassle-free rollbacks. Check out the following manual to learn first-hand how you can perform these functions using SWPanel.

SnapShot Web: The Ideal Solution from SW Hosting

You will see how in no time, SWPanel's SnapShots Web will become your ideal solution for your web roolback situations. An exclusive SW Hosting solution. No other provider can offer this digital time machine for your website. It is the ace up your sleeve to recover your website in a moment of extreme crisis and in just one click.

SWPanel, all integrated

Following the philosophy that SW Hosting imprints on SWPanel, we integrate the SnapShots Web in the Dashboard of your Hosting Plan so that you always have "all in one" tools at your disposal.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is SnapShot Web free?

Yes, SnapShot Web is offered for free by SW Hosting as part of its hosting services, you must keep in mind that a SnapShot Web is using the disk space allocated to your website, so you must manage this space properly to avoid filling it. Important: Most of our hosting plans are configurable, so you will be able to increase the available disk space whenever you want.

How many temporary photos can I create?

There is no set limit. You can create as many temporary photos as you need for your website. You simply have to take into account the space available on your hosting plan.

Is it difficult to rollback with SnapShot Web?

No, making a rollback with SnapShot Web is easy and can be done with a few clicks from SWPanel.

How much space do the Web Snapshots of my hosting take up?

A Web Snapshot takes a picture of all the files on your website and your databases and compresses them into a single file, trying to optimise the compression and minimising the space it takes up, but it will always take up space on your website.

Does a Sanpshot include a previously made Snapshot?

No, each SnapShot is independent of the other, there is no relationship between them and they are not contained within each other. A SnapShot is an independent photo and you can restore it in any situation or at any time you want.

Can I schedule automatic snapshot creation?

Yes, you can schedule the automatic creation of temporary snapshots according to your preference.

What should I do if my website goes down and I don't have a temporary snapshot?

In that case, the only option you have is to restore a backup of your website. Our advice is to always have backups of your website and additionally use Web SnapShots. Don't confuse one with the other, and don't think that one can replace the other. They are different tools designed for different situations and they complement each other.


In conclusion, SW Hosting has revolutionised the way we face the challenges of web change. SnapShot Web stands as an essential tool, offering a digital time machine for your website. Recover your website easily, make rollbacks hassle-free and rely on the exclusivity of SW Hosting. Don't let changes stop you; move forward with the security of SnapShot Web.