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A software error discovered.

by SW Team

Recently, it has triggered the alert on the safety of data on the Internet. In different mass media reports we find news about that. We think we can give less relevance these alerts right now. The error detected about software is called the encryption method OpenSSL.

It is said that those affected by this failure can be reduced just for the server users of https and not for http (the majority). For SW Hosting the affectation could be negligible, but for most companies that are users of the HTTPS servers on the Internet, that is a problem; such as: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, Dropbox, Github, DuckDuckGo or Tumblr.

The error has been named as 'Heartbleed Bug' that allows anybody to have the private encryption keys, opening access to the entire contents of each server and it has been located by Google and Codenomicon engineers. The vulnerability of the software goes back to 1.0.1 and 1.0.1f. of OpenSSL versions.

The only problem for these big companies is that these attacks leave no trace entry on computers and it is not possible to know when and how this information has been accessed to it.

From SW Hosting we refer the information that is arriving to us already, about the change of user and services passwords we have in the network. To check if a domain is affected, we provide you this address.