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SW Hosting October Compilation

by SW Team

In this blog we'll be exploring the exciting new features we've introduced at SW Hosting during the month of October 2023. We invite you to discover how these updates can benefit you, from the addition of new domains to improvements to our Cloud servers. We will also be able to take a look back at the most outstanding events that marked this month of October 2023. Join us on this journey of innovation and progress!

New Domains

During the month of October 2023, we at SW Hosting have taken a bold step to enhance and diversify our domain options. We have added a number of unique domain extensions that give our users a wider range of options to reflect their online identity.

Here are the exciting domain extensions we've added this month:

  • .band: If you are a musician or passionate about music, this extension is perfect for highlighting your online presence, whether as a band or music lover.

  • .cafe: Ideal for coffee lovers and hospitality related businesses. This extension adds a welcoming touch to your website.

  • .bond: If you're a fan of James Bond adventures, this extension allows you to add a touch of espionage and sophistication to your website.

  • .recipes: If you're a foodie or run a recipe blog, this extension gives you a platform to share your delicious creations. We also have a blog dedicated to this extension, as well as .menu and .cooking, where we explain their benefits and distinctive features.

  • .menu: Perfect for restaurants and catering businesses, this extension allows you to present your menu online in an attractive way.

  • .cooking: Similar to .recipes, this extension is ideal for cooking enthusiasts and allows you to share your culinary knowledge.

  • .abogado: An extension that conveys confidence and professionalism. It is ideal for lawyers and law firms. There is also a blog about this extension, where we analyse how it can benefit legal professionals.

  • .email: Emphasises communication and contact. It is suitable for professionals, businesses and anyone who wants a strong online presence.

  • .boo: A scary unique extension! The .boo extension adds a touch of fun and mystery to your website. We also have a blog dedicated to this extension where we offer you an explanation of its features and the benefits you will get by registering it.

Cloud Server Improvements

This October also saw the launch of our new and improved Cloud, designed to deliver exceptional performance and an unrivalled user experience. This new generation of servers has been equipped with the latest innovations to ensure exceptional efficiency and performance. If you would like to know more about this new update, we invite you to click here and explore our blog where you will find a more detailed explanation of its features and benefits. And here's a quick summary.

Our new Cloud Flash (NVMe) offers these improvements:

  • Flash Disks and CPU Power: We have equipped this new Cloud with Flash (NVMe) disks and a high performance CPU, resulting in impressive performance.

  • Faster Bus Speed: Faster bus speed means faster data transfer and faster response times for all your operations.

  • Fast RAM Access: Optimised RAM access speed boosts processing power for a smoother experience.

  • More MB of Cache: Increased per-layer cache speeds data access and improves overall system performance.

  • More Cores: The increased number of Cores per socket provides more capacity for concurrent tasks and faster response in high-demand environments.

Our new Cloud Flash represents a significant leap forward in performance and processing power. With these improvements, we offer a powerful and efficient environment to meet your cloud computing needs.

That's it for SW Hosting's October news round-up - we can't wait to see what's coming in November 2023!

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