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We present wide services adapted to you using a new image

by SW Team

In SW Hosting we are working with the constant development and we create new formulas to satisfy the needs of the client. We develop our products and services and continue with the investment to offer the best high tech. For that reason we present the new services as the Flexible Cloud or the Private Cloud Platform.

The Flexible Cloud is created for environments with fluctuating demand, that requires hardware extensions in hot and without restarts. vCores and RAM memory provisioned with reserve to work automatically when needed.

If we refer to Private Cloud Platform we can say that it is the Cloud of the Clouds. You will be able to equip and save resources about Cloud technology. Deploy and manage your Cloud instances and work in a safe environment with isolated traffic with an own VLAN. Last generation Hardware of IBM guarantees the highest quality and performance in your private platform.

Speaking about all these novelties, we take advantage of the situation to present you one of the newest products which it has more success. It is the Micro Cloud Server of SW Hosting and you can get it for low price which it is micro, too (for 15,55€). It has 1 Core, 1GB Ram, 10 GB hard disk, unlimited traffic, with remote control through your iPhone or Android, with full management for our clients. All this potency is on the best IBM and Juniper tech, nobody can offer something better.

We invite you to visit the new web and take profit of it to inform you of all news that will surprise you.

And if you visit our web… new graphical image!

In order to transmit the information about all our new projects we think the key is to know how to communicate them. For this reason we have just presented the new image we want to show worldwide. The SW Hosting personnel present you the new design with new iconography and more services because we want to arrive to your 5 senses.

So, from now on when you visit our web you’ll check that we innovate with new enterprise image and, moreover, we offer more products that can adapt better to each user profile.

You will see that in SW Hosting we mixed soft tones and colorful points which refer to our enterprise color. This new 'flat' image can be seen in a lot of leader companies from USA or others. Our design personnel has worked using elegant, simple and fine sketches, that help us to communicate in a visual way our professionalism and rigor as a company.

We are sure of innovation changes are always to improve and we wish you enjoy surfing on our web. You will able to view the new interface and our new products and services that you will find in it. Don’t hesitate, we have what you need.