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What should you consider when choosing a Cloud provider? (PART 1)

by SW Team

Cloud services are technology solutions that enable access to and use of computing and storage resources over the Internet. These services include data storage, information processing and the delivery of online services. In other words, it is characterised by its independence from specific hardware in all its aspects, be it the connection through the Internet, the number of servers used, the number of disks per server or even the cables connecting the devices to the switch. The main benefits of the Cloud are scalability, flexibility and efficient access to computing resources without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

In this first part, we will explain some of the essential factors for choosing a good Cloud service provider, which SW Hosting is governed by to give you the best Cloud service, that you can contract in just a few clicks.

Cloud Security

Ensuring that data and systems are protected from potential threats is vital to the continuity and integrity of an online business. Below we outline the key aspects of cloud security to consider.

  • Data Encryption: Make sure the provider uses strong encryption protocols to protect data in transit and at rest. This ensures that even if servers are accessed without authorisation, the data remains unintelligible to intruders.

  • Identity and Access Management: A quality provider must offer robust identity and access management tools. This includes multi-factor authentication and permissions management to ensure that only authorised individuals have access to services.

  • Protection against Malware and DDoS Attacks: Cloud servers must be protected from malware and DDoS attacks. A trusted provider should offer advanced security solutions to mitigate these risks and ensure business continuity.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Continuous monitoring is important to identify and respond to security threats in real time. Intrusion detection and log monitoring systems should be in place to monitor server activity and detect any anomalous behaviour.

Infrastructure and Innovation

Infrastructure and innovation not only impact on the performance of cloud operations today, but also play a critical role in the adaptability of the business as it evolves over time.

  • Reliable Infrastructure: A reliable cloud service provider must have a robust and scalable infrastructure. This means high quality servers, data centres and a network that ensures the availability and speed of applications and data in the cloud.

  • Continuous Innovation: Make sure the provider has a history of frequently updating and improving its services. This means not only access to the latest technologies, but also the ability to adapt applications and processes to emerging trends.

  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery: Resilience is critical in the event of hardware failure or unforeseen events. Make sure the provider has robust redundancy and disaster recovery plans in place to ensure business continuity in the worst-case scenario.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility refer to the ability to dynamically scale resources up or down and customise them to specific business needs. These factors are important for getting the most out of the cloud and efficiently adapting operations.

  • Scaling Up and Down Resources: You should be able to easily increase or decrease resources. This means that you can add more RAM, CPU, storage, or even SSD or Flash disks as needed. For example, if a web application has a sudden spike in traffic, you can scale your resources up to handle the extra load, and scale them down when demand drops to save costs.

  • Centralised Management: It should also provide centralised management tools that make it easy to monitor and adjust resources. This includes intuitive control panels, such as cPanel or SWPanel, and APIs that enable seamless management of cloud resources.

So far, we have introduced you to some of the key factors in choosing an excellent Cloud service provider. But don't worry, there are many more important factors to consider, and we'll reveal them in the second part of this blog. Don't miss it, as it will help you make more informed decisions when choosing a Cloud provider.


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