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The importance of not creating SPAM

by SW Team

Currently it is very important not to create spam. Movistar has confirmed officially that is causing the outages and interruptions of the ADSL service. Affected customers should contact the operator directly as a responsible for these service's stops.

Movistar is blocking all clients that are listed on Spamhaus. The reasons are many: improper traffic data, virus, spam, etc.

The most important thing is to control the content of your PC and the misusing of your ADSL. For this reason you can be affected with the speed of your ADSL or its outages. It is the first official recognition from Movistar and we want to share with you to inform you about what happened since last Sunday.

Why am I on Spamhaus?

All customers who have generated spam, or that have an IP that Movistar has considered 'dirty' have entered to the Spamhaus list. This does not mean that you are blamed for the problem. You also can be affected by other blocked IP, because it's dynamic, so it is possible that you have another user's IP which generated spam. Then you are considered as the spamer indirectly. Anyway, if your IP of your ADSL is in the Spamhaus list, don't hesitate contact Movistar asap.

As Movistar declares, the beginning of the problem is that the servers are using the Spamhaus PBL list for their local customers. Movistar has said that these customers have already been delisted and they can access their network.

Be sure to check your IP. If it is clean, free of spam and does not use free download programs, you will not have any problem. But if your IP is blocked, contact the company. Everything that we have explained is considered by Movistar as misuse of the service according to the Movistar conditions' contract.

What can I do if I am affected by the problem?

If you wish to contact Movistar, you can call them at 1002, or you can send a direct message (DM) to their Twitter account: Movistar_es. The company is answering to their customers via Twitter. Contact Movistar, report the problem and we hope they can fix it soon.

SW Hosting understands you and we are glad to help you.