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SW Hosting November Compilation

by SW Team

In this compilation, we'll explain three key aspects that marked this November 2023 at SW Hosting: the performance test of our Cloud Flash server, tips to strengthen security against Ransomware, and the exclusive offer of 95% discount on the Custom Hosting plan during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Cloud Flash Server Performance Test

During the month of November, we conducted a performance test to show you that the new Cloud Flash server, equipped with NVMe disks, has great efficiency and speed, significantly outperforming its predecessor, the Cloud One, equipped with SSD disks. Our claim is not just a statement; it is backed up by tests in which we detailed and compared the CPU, RAM and HDD performance of both servers.

In these tests, we can say with absolute confidence that the Cloud Flash Server equipped with NVMe disks significantly outperforms its predecessor in all performance metrics. This innovative server offers twice the CPU speed, more efficient RAM, and a disk that processes data three times faster. These enhancements make it an exceptional choice for cloud operations seeking maximum performance and efficiency in data access. Discover all the details and explanations, accompanied by a graphic, in our blog. Click here to read the full post.

Fighting Against Ransomware

Worried about Ransomware and how to protect yourself from this digital threat? You've come to the right place! We have a three-part blog designed to educate and strengthen your knowledge about Ransomware.

In the first part, we unraveled what Ransomware is, looking at its different types and the most prominent examples. We want you to understand not only the nature of this threat, but also how it manifests itself in cyberspace. The second part looks at how to prevent and detect it. Finally, the third part covers the Ransomware removal process, providing you with the steps to recover your system and data should you be affected by this threat. This will allow you to act effectively and confidently in the face of compromising situations.

Don't hesitate, join us and click here to explore the first part of our blog.

95% Off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have an incredible offer of 95% off the Custom Hosting plan. For all the details, just click here. Also, be sure to stay tuned for all our news and future promotions as we always strive to surprise you with exceptional offers.

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