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We released the SW Panel 2018!

by SW Team

This year 2018 we started with the very high bar regarding official presentations of products and services from SW Hosting. We are very happy because it is not too large a number of products, but the ones we present to you are of a GREAT quality. With these services we are confident that we can continue to evolve as a Cloud infrastructure provider and providing all of you with the most cutting-edge technology in the market right when you need it. All this together with our technical engineers, trained and trained professionals to take you out of trouble in the most difficult and demanding situations in the administration of your machines.

We finally have a date for the SW Panel 2018

The SW Panel is already known to all of our customers. This multifaceted tool that acts as a bridge between the services you have hired and you. That helps you to contact your remote engineering team, us. That gives you the opportunity to directly hire the systems that you entrust to SW Hosting to carry out all your business with the maximum order and neatness possible.

Therefore, next Thursday, January 18, we will activate it for all of you. From that day all the SW Panel learnings and tests will be reflected with the renewal with you with all the new details that we have been telling you and we summarize them below:

sw panel 2018

And in this year, the SW Panel 2018, is one of the reasons why we started the year with so much encouragement, wanting to keep improving. With the aim of giving you a truly useful tool that will serve you for the day to day, and want to use it in your days of work with our services. For this, we wanted to strengthen two pillars that we believe are fundamental for daily management: Usability and Security.

Usability in the SW Panel 2018

To make the SW Panel 2018 much easier to use, we have reorganized it with Dashboards. So everything is more collected, in the right place for you to find it when you need it. We wanted to give more visibility to the data thanks to graphics and summaries so you know at all times what is happening, and this feature makes it more intuitive, more practical, better for you.

With new and more intuitive menus we can make your daily work much easier so that you save time in each action. In this sense you will find a shortcut to the new Support Dasboard in the same support tab of the main page, in the menu on the top right, of your SW Panel 2018. In it you will find all the data of your contacts (tickets, both administrative, technical, calls, contacts on the wall ...) with our different departments that you can view briefly, with graphs and summaries so you do not have any doubts about anything.

Security in the SW Panel 2018

Seguridad IT

In this installment of the SW Panel we could not be left out of one of the Trending Topic of these times, Security, in capital letters also because it is one of our pillars as a service company. And in this sense we have secured the platform in different ways: from the introduction of a Layer 4 Perimeter Firewall for each and every one of you and customizable for all Cloud servers, as well as the blocking of threats in real time, all this together to the implementation of the security service thanks to the Palo Alto technology that allows for a perimeter security of Layer 7.

And with this we finish? DO NOT! Being a service of the new age of the Internet we know that we will have to improve it day by day, like the installation we made in the last months of the SW Panel 2017 of the HTTP / 2 protocol to all our infrastructure (it is one of the parts that more we like, the constant evolution), with you, but once told the most important features we do not want to hate you with the little things that we have improved but you will surely see as you use the SW Panel 2018.

The SW Hosting Team