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Traffic Blocking by Country or Continent: Protect your website with one click

by SW Team

Protect your website against threats by blocking unwanted traffic from specific countries. Do you receive attacks from a particular country? Avoid problems and vulnerabilities by using SWPanel's free country and continent traffic blocking and management.

Before we dive into the topic, remember that you can contract our Hosting right now and experience this powerful tool.



In the digital world, the security of your website is paramount. One of the most effective approaches is Traffic Blocking by Country or Continent. Are you facing persistent attacks from a particular country? Don't worry, with a simple click, you can secure your website. This post will guide you through the implementation and benefits of this strategy using SWPanel.

The Importance of Country or Continent Traffic Blocking

Country or Continent Traffic Blocking is a crucial measure to protect your website. Knowing how you can implement and manage it through your SWpanel can make all the difference to the security of your site.

Traffic Blocking: Why is it necessary?

Preventing specific threats or floods of requests to your website from unwanted countries is essential.

Find out why traffic blocking has become essential to maintain the integrity of your website and how SWPanel integrates it easily and free of charge for your hosting plans.

Web Vulnerabilities: The Reality We Face

Every day, our websites are exposed to multiple vulnerabilities from all the incoming traffic they receive.

We are increasingly using standard software or CMS (such as Wordpress) to create and maintain our websites. This, on the one hand, offers us more ease and more tools to create our website, but on the other hand it makes us more vulnerable.

The fact that more and more of our websites are based on standard software products makes them vulnerable to malicious attackers who want to exploit bugs or vulnerabilities in this software.

Although our first security tip has always been to keep our website creation software, for example our Wordpress, our Woocomerce, up to date and up to date, we do not always do or can do so. Not doing so" is the basis of many of the attacks and infections that our websites receive, attacks that take advantage of known and public vulnerabilities or bugs in Wordpress or other web creation software, to infect them, attack them and end up taking control of them. This is where additional security comes in, in trying to cover these situations.

In cases like these, knowing the origin of our visitors, or the focus to which we direct the audience of our website, will allow us, using the country blocking tool, to close and completely block traffic from countries that are of no interest to us. Thus closing off the possibility of attacks against our website.

The solution of blocking traffic by country, although it is not more secure than a layer 4 firewall (see what a layer 4 firewall is in the following link: ...) really allows us to define geographically in a more precise way the blocking that we want to apply to our website. Benefits of Blocking Unwanted Traffic

Understanding the benefits of blocking unwanted traffic will convince you of the importance of this practice. The benefits are many, but we want to emphasize 3 main ones:

A: Reduce unwanted traffic to our website, segmenting the audience by location.

For example, if we are an ecommerce that only sells in Spain and we only want Spanish customers, we should ask ourselves, what is the point of our website being visible in China, Russia or many other countries in the world? The answer is none: let's block traffic from these countries that are not important to us. It makes no sense to

B: Reduce the resources necessary for our website to function properly.

Often, unwanted traffic ends up slowing down our website or even causing it to stop being displayed. This is due to an overload of the Web server as a result of attending to all the incoming traffic, which is often not valid traffic or traffic that is of interest to us. By analysing the logs generated by the Web server, we can see the geographical origin of the incoming traffic and diagnose from which place/country in the world we are receiving waves of harmful traffic to our Web that cause it to malfunction. We recommend blocking these origins with the SWPanel traffic blocking tool by country.

C: Increase the loading speed of our website.

The TTF and the loading speed of our website are becoming increasingly important. There are many studies that relate the loading time of a website to its conversion capacity. Well, at this point, blocking traffic by country also helps. If we are able to block all the unexpected audience of our website geographically, as we have explained in point A, we will prevent this traffic from affecting the server, as we specified in point B, with the consequent result of optimising and increasing the loading speed, point C.

As you can see, blocking traffic by country is an ace poker to guarantee, in addition, the security and performance of our website.

Enhanced Security: Protect your website

Blocking harmful traffic is undoubtedly the best way to protect your website. The first step to good security is a good layer of perimeter FireWalls, Layer 4 or Layer 7, which will be able to analyse based on rules and algorithms each and every bit of traffic that reaches your website and make decisions about whether it should be blocked or not.

Additionally, we insist, we can always add more security quickly and concisely. Geographically analysing the origin of the traffic and determining by origin whether it could be valid traffic or traffic that we are interested in for our website, is a very easy way to add security to our website, and it really ends up being that extra layer of security that nobody thinks about and which turns out to be the most effective and efficient.

Optimised Performance: Less Load, Higher Efficiency

As we have already discussed in points B and C above, the less traffic our website receives, the less load it has, the more efficient the web server is and the faster the loading speed will be.

This does not mean that we must have websites without traffic to be efficient, no, far from it.

At this point we try to make you understand the importance of having the real traffic that we need, avoiding all the junk or harmful traffic on our website that requires to be treated, computing power or hardware of the Web server and that, in the end, does not bring us anything.

There is much debate and many good practices of how we should optimize the loading time of our website (this topic will be discussed in a specific post), but in reality, analyzing the billions of bytes of traffic received daily by the Webs that we host in SW Hosting, we see that the most effective way to optimize is as simple as only serve the real traffic, lawful and we are interested in each of the Webs. This immediately generates that the Webs go more fluid and much faster in the loading process, thus getting our visitors to have a better browsing experience and thus increasing the chances of conversion and organic positioning of our websites in search engines.

Regulatory Compliance: A step towards success

Another important point to address is the application of international standards and legislation governing internet presence and data management.

This point is also important, as having a presence in some specific countries or continents will force us to adjust our website and the management of our data and the data we collect differently, making this obligation a tedious job that is often not necessary. Ask yourself the following question: Do I need to have a presence in this country? Am I going to attract customers from this country? if the answer is no, why do you accept traffic and visits from this country on your website? Accepting traffic and visits from that country can often force you to comply with legal rules and regulations that you do not comply with, and you will have to adapt to them with the consequent workload and additional effort that this will represent.

Isn't it easier in such cases to block the country... the answer is certainly yes. Another great advantage of country traffic blocking.

Practical Implementation with SWPanel

SWPanel simplifies the process of blocking traffic. Follow our step-by-step manual to effectively secure your website.

Easy Setup: One click to security

Discover how easy it is to set up country blocking on your Hosting with SWPanel. An efficient solution at your fingertips.

Detailed Guide: How to get the most out of SWPanel to manage country blocking

Once you have activated the possibility of blocking traffic to your website by country, you can easily define the countries or even the continents from which you want to block traffic to your website.

All this from a geographically ordered list that includes the five continents with their respective countries. Or even more simply by marking with a single click on a world map those countries/continents that you want to block. For example, if the visits to your e-commerce are focused on national or European customers, you can allow the geographically desired traffic, in addition to traffic from the USA, which is generally the origin of the IPs used by Google indexers and block traffic from certain countries that are not part of the target audience of your online business or that analyse your website with web search engine spiders/crawlers created and financed by some countries that carry out disreputable practices on the web, affecting the performance of your website during the scanning process

Traffic Blocking by Countries or Continents, how does it work?

The possibility of geographically defining the traffic you want to allow for your website and blocking the traffic you consider unnecessary results in a higher performance for your website, improved management of the positioning of your website in the main search engines, as well as avoiding unnecessary traffic in your e-commerce that may affect not only the security and reputation of your website on the web, but ultimately the success of your business.

Success Stories: True Stories of Enhanced Security through country blocking.

The last case of success we have achieved thanks to the blocking of traffic by countries has been a Spanish company specialised in e-Commerce shops, which periodically received DDoS attacks originated by thousands of simultaneous visits from different IPs from different countries, generally Asian countries.

This caused a high use of server resources on the server hosting the online shops, penalising the performance of the website or even making the website temporarily inaccessible due to server overload.

Once the IPs causing the abusive server traffic had been identified and geolocated and the country blocking rules had been applied, the DDoS attacks ceased immediately, and the businesses continued to offer the necessary availability to guarantee a quality service to e-Commerce customers.

Practical application. Usage and activation manuals

You can view the following detailed manuals on how to activate and manage traffic blocking by country from your SWPanel.

-Manual: How to activate traffic blocking by country for your Hosting service using SWPanel

-Manual: How to set up country blocking for your Hosting using SWPanel

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We answer the most common questions about traffic blocking to provide clarity and ensure a successful implementation.

Does Traffic Blocking affect my site's SEO?

No, selective blocking does not negatively affect SEO. In fact, it can improve the security and ranking of your site.

Is it necessary to block all traffic from a country?

It is not necessary to block all traffic from a country. You can be selective and block only threat sources.

Is SWPanel Suitable for Small Sites?

Yes, SWPanel is scalable and adapts to both small and large sites. It is a versatile solution for any scale of website.

How long does it take to set up Country Blocking?

Setup is fast. In a matter of seconds, you can strengthen your website security with country blocking.

Which Countries Are Most Prone to Attack?

The countries most prone to attacks vary and can be very different depending on where your website is located, the web authoring software you use or the content of your website.

SWPanel offers you the best tool for traffic localisation by country, and if you also analyse the logs generated by your web server, you will be able to detect which countries are sending traffic to your website and block those you do not want to see.

There is no universal recipe for this case, each website is treated independently, and using SWPanel you will have tools to decide and manage it.

Does Traffic Blocking Help against DDoS Attacks?

In a DDoS attack, basically, what is done is to block traffic, but not necessarily by country of origin.

For us, they are complementary tools that should work together.

Any website must have a perimeter security layer, here we include firewalls and the management of flooding and/or denial of service attacks. And an additional layer of security and control which, in our opinion, should be the blocking of traffic by country.

Blocking the last step of security, first we must pass the traditional security filters and finally the "fine surgery" to end up obtaining the most efficient security results for our Web.


Country or Continent Traffic Blocking is a vital strategy to protect your website, increase performance, improve speed and user experience.

In short, using correctly the tool of traffic blocking by countries that SWPanel provides you, for free, will end up making your website and your business better on the Internet, attracting more and better customers, and only your potential customers, not spending resources and money on other possible visits to your website that will not give you any kind of benefit or business.

Blocking by country will help you to focus your website on your real potential customers and protect it from everything that you do not consider important to you.

Finally, we invite you to test this tool not only with our Hostings, but also with our Clouds.