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Activate Web Statistics

In this manual we are going to learn how to activate Web statistics.

⚠️ First of all, you must bear in mind that the Web Statistics will not be visible as soon as they are activated, but you must wait a period of 24 hours. This is because the system must collect information for a minimum period of time before starting to display statistics. ⚠️

This service is free and can be activated in all Shared Hosting services (except for Free Hosting services), as well as in all Cloud Hosting services that previously have the AWSats option activated.

If you do not have AWSTats active in your Cloud, you can consult our manual "Activate the AWStats option in my Cloud".

To activate AWStats, or web statistics, type the name of the service in the upper search bar of your SWPanel:

enter image description here

Then, from the Dashboard of the service, click, in the left side menu of the Panel, on Management on the service> Web statistics:

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A message about AWStats management that you should take into account will appear, where the following is commented:

  • When activating the web page statistics service for the domain, these will be created in a private directory within the selected domain.
  • The activation time of the statistics is approximately 24 hours, from which time they will be updated regularly as there are new visits to the website.

Click on the "I have read and accept the activation and operation of Web statistics" box and then on "Activate statistics":

enter image description here

After 24 hours you will be able to view the statistics of your website.