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Connect to your Hosting by console through PuTTY

In this manual we will show you how to access the console of a hosting service, hosted on your Cloud server with SWPanel as a management tool with the SSH/CHRooT user and through the free application PuTTY.

⚠️To be able to activate the SSH/CHRoot user and password, we must have a hosting service within an own cloud managed with SWPanel. Users of normal hosting services do not have this option.⚠️

1. What is PuTTY?

PuTTY is a free SSH client that allows you to connect to another machine remotely or via Serial. Its most common use is to connect to a server to which we do not have physical access in order to execute commands within it. By being able to execute commands within our hosting service we can perform operations such as modifying a configuration file or copy, inspect, analyze or move files and directories. The program is totally free and secure.

2. How do I get PuTTY?

You can download the PuTTY application through its official website in the downloads, just choose the version for your operating system. For example, if you have Windows 10 (64 bits) just click on the first download link on the page.

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Once the installation package is downloaded, just run it and follow the standard installation procedure.

3. Collecting data to access my hosting console

To be able to access to the console of our Hosting, we will need to gather a series of data:

  • The IP or name of the server
  • The port to connect through
  • The method of connection
  • The user and password SSH/CHRoot

3.1 Collecting data - IP

  1. To find out the IP, we will enter the dashboard of our Hosting service, search for its name in the central search engine of the SWPanel and click on the name that will open in the drop-down menu.

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  1. Once inside the dashboard of our hosting we will click in the blue menu on the left on the option "Servers of the service".

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  1. After clicking, all the servers used by our hosting service will appear. We are interested in the IP of the Assigned Web Server.

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3.2 Collecting data - Port

The connection port for a hosting service within a cloud that uses SWPanel for its management is 2200.

3.3 Collect data - Method

We are trying to connect to the remote console of our hosting service that is hosted inside our Cloud server, this connection is called Secure SHell (SSH), so we will verify that the selected option is SSH.

3.4 Collect data - Username and Password

The user and password to make the connection will be obtained by activating the SSH/CHRoot Access inside the dashboard of our hosting service (within the available improvements).

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If we do not remember the password we can click on the padlock that is in SSH/CHRoot Access, it will show us the user and will let us modify the password (we introduce it and click on "Yes, change").

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4. Connecting to our hosting service using PuTTY

To connect to our hosting service that we have hosted within our cloud, we will use the PuTTY program.

4.1 Opening the PuTTY program

The first step is to open the PuTTY program, look for its icon and double click to open it. If we do not have direct access we will look for it in the list of programs of the computer and we will click on it.

A pop-up window like the following one will open:

enter image description here

4.2 Entering the connection data

First enter the IP, make sure that the correct port is selected (2200), the correct connection method (SSH) and finally click on "Open".

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4.3 Enter Username and Password

A pop-up window will appear asking us which user we want to connect with, we will enter it and press "enter".

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Then we will be asked for the password, we will enter it (while we enter it nothing will appear on the screen for security reasons) and press "enter".

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And we will be connected to our hosting console.

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⚠️To close the window and disconnect from the server we put the command "exit" and the program will cut the connection and close automatically.⚠️

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That's it! We now know how to enter the console of our hosting service with the PuTTY program.