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Enable AWStats option in my Cloud

In this manual we will learn how to activate the web statistics option in our Cloud to be able to use AWStats in the Hosting services that are within it.

If you already have the option active in your Cloud and you want to start seeing the web statistics, you can consult our manual on "Enabling web statistics".

⚠️ This manual is configured for Cloud servers with Linux Debian 10 or higher operating system versions and SW Smart Panel. If you have a Cloud with a lower Debian version, you may not be able to enable the AWStats feature. Also, if your Cloud does not have SW Smart Panel you will´´´´ NOT ´´´´be able to use this option.

To enable the AWStats option on your Cloud, type the Cloud name in the top search bar of your SWPanel:

enter image description here

Once inside the Cloud Dashboard, access "Customize and adjust the resources and services of this Cloud" by clicking on the corresponding icon:

enter image description here

At the bottom of all customization options, you will see the option "Web Statistics Services". Activate it:

enter image description here

Once activated, accept the conditions and click on "Accept and formalize changes":

enter image description here

⚠️ In order to make the changes and activate AWstats, you will need to restart the cloud⚠️