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How do I activate Layer 4 security profiles in my Cloud?

What are security profiles?

Firewall security profiles are a set of predefined rules that allow you, when activated or deactivated, to accept or deny certain data traffic.

In order to activate or deactivate the Firewall profiles, you must have contracted the Layer 4 Firewall management

⚠️Please note that enabling or disabling Firewall Profiles may cause your services to not respond correctly to requests from the Internet.

How to activate security profiles

First you will need to access your server’s dashboard. You can do this by searching for it from the SWPanel search engine or from the services tree:

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Once in the Cloud server dashboard, you will need to click SecurityLayer 4 FWLayer 4 FW Dashboard from the blue side menu:

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In this new window, you will be able to enable and disable the Security Profiles of your manageable Layer 4 Firewall. Once modified, click on the Apply Changes button:

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If you have more than one IP in your Cloud, you will be able to manage the security profiles of each one separately through the IP selectable.

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