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How to activate and configurate the Intelligence to my Cloud server with SWPanel

With the intelligence module, your Cloud will learn to automatically increase and decrease its RAM and vCores resources according to the actual demand of each moment. Designed for users and companies that require a high degree of reliability and risk reduction:

Your Cloud server will detect load spikes and automatically increase the resources necessary to preserve its performance.

Protect your server from falls, slowdowns or “out of memory” errors. Your Cloud will grow in resources to always maintain its reliability.

Operative 24x7:
The module will act even if you are not present, at any time of the day, automatically and in real time.

Freely modify the settings of the Smart Cloud. Customize and decide in detail how your server will react in each situation.

How does it work?

When the percentage of use of the RAM or the vCores exceed the levels established in the configuration, your Cloud will increase the necessary resources until reaching an optimal level.

Once the workload decreases, your Smart Cloud will reduce resources to return to the base server configuration.

Cloud intelligence activation process

First of all, you must take into account that this option will only be shown as activatable in case you have the vCores and elastic memory activated.

Below you have a link to the respective manual, where it is indicated what this improvement consists of, and how to activate it:

How to enable and configure vCores and Elastic RAM on my Cloud server with SWPanel

Access SWPanel and use the search engine to find your Cloud, in our case it is called manuals, yours will have a different name. Once you find it, select it:

enter image description here

In the section Available improvements (upper right section), activate the option Cloud Smart:

enter image description here

Next we will see a detailed explanation of this function. Once read, we mark the checkbox Activate Smart module for elastic cloud

enter image description here

Here we can see the cost of activating intelligence, if you agree, you will only have to click on Activate now.

enter image description here