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How to install Prestashop manually on your hosting.

PrestaShop is a free and open source content management system designed to build online e-commerce shops from scratch.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements to install Prestashop are as follows:

  • Web server. For example: Apache 1.3, Apache 2.x, Nginx, Microsoft IIS…

  • PHP version 5.4 or later.

  • MySQL 5.0 or later, installed and with a database created.

  • Access to an FTP or SSH client.

All of these requirements are met if you have one of our hosting services.

Download Prestashop

We will go directly to the official Prestashop website to download the latest version:

  • https://prestashop.com/prestashop-offers/classic/

Enter your email address to continue with the process:

Once done, the download will start.

It will download a .zip file with the following content:

Creating the database

An essential step in the installation of Prestashop is the creation of the associated database.

You can follow our manual if you have the service in SWHosting:

Once you have your database, it is essential to remember your database username and password.

Importing Prestashop to your hosting

We will proceed to import the previously downloaded files to our hosting service.

This step can be easily done via FTP.

You can follow our manual if you have the service in SWHosting:

In our case, we will use the FTP manager Filezilla, you can follow our manual:

Once logged in, we will see the following:

We will go to the path /data/web/ and move the downloaded content:

Install Prestashop

Finally, we will proceed to install Prestashop. To do this, we will access the URL of the domain, in our case:

  • http: //swmanuales com

And we will see how the installation starts automatically:

Once finished, we proceed to advance according to the information we need.

We will make the connection to the database:

To finish, Prestashop asks us to delete the /install folder, we can do it directly via FTP: