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How to make a zone delegation

When you want to create a subdomain that responds to DNS servers other than those that respond to the main domain is necessary to make a zone delegation in the DNS zone of the Hosting service of the main domain.

This zone delegation will cause that when we look for the subdomain, the main domain resolves to the correct DNS servers.

Next we will show how to delegate the zone of the subdomain del.swmanuales.com, which resolves to the following DNS servers:

  • dns1.serveisweb.com
  • dns2.serveisweb.com

On the DNS zone of the main domain swmanuales.com, which resolves to the following DNS servers:

  • dns3.swhosting.com
  • dns4.swhosting.com

ATTENTION This data may be different depending on where your Hosting services are hosted! In case you do not know to which DNS servers resolve your Hosting services created in your SWPanel, we recommend you to check the following manual.

Steps to follow

The first thing we will have to do is to go to the Dashboard of the Hosting service of our main domain.

Then we go to Service Management and DNS Management, in the blue menu.

We see to create 2 new DNS records of type NS.

For the 2 new records, the alias will be the name of the subdomain (in our case it is del). The destination server and the Host IP will depend on the DNS servers used by the subdomain.

The DNS zone of our main domain will be as follows:

If we do a dig of our main domain, we see how the DNS servers dns3.swhosting.com and dns4.swhosting.com respond, while for the subdomain the DNS servers dns1.serveisweb.com and dns2.serveisweb.com resolve.