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How to modify the values of PHP variables in your Private Hosting

To modify the PHP variables of a Cloud Hosting plan, first, you must locate from the "Tree of active services", the service where you want to modify, or you can use the general search engine of the SWPanel to find it: enter image description here

Once in the Dashboard of the service, you must click on the icon "Settings of the basic parameters of the service": enter image description here

From the settings you will be able to modify, within a set range, the values of the PHP variables of your Hosting plan: enter image description here

Also, you will be able to modify the values of the PHP functions.

Finally, you must save the changes made with the "Save changes" button: enter image description here

Additionally, from the "Advanced Settings" tab you can modify the configuration file without any restriction on the maximum values of the variables.

Also, you have a file modification history from where you can restore the configuration to a previous point: enter image description here