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How to test the performance of your Hosting website in SWPanel

To test your Hosting web service through SWPanel and in an automated way, you must first access the dashboard of your Hosting service.

You can do it in an agile way through the SWPanel's top search engine:

enter image description here

Once in the dashboard, click on the icon "Do web performance check":

enter image description here In this new window, you will have three types of checks that can be performed:

  1. Web services operation test: This test will analyze some pre-established points to verify the correct operation and configuration of the services necessary for your Web to work correctly.

    1.1 Perform in-depth test: An in-depth test is performed directly on the server that contains your Hosting Plan, accessing as if you were a user of the plan and executing directly from this Hosting the actions and checks.

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  1. Programming errors test: It will look for programming errors in the Web server logs and will show them to you so that you can correct them. You will be able to select a start date and an end date for the test, you will also be able to indicate if you want to show all the errors or a specific number of errors per day:

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