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How to transfer a SWPanel service to a new SWPanel account

In this manual we explain how to migrate content between services with different names and between two SWPanel customer accounts.

In this case, we will use the services hosting1.swmanuales.com (origin in customer account A) and hosting2.swmanuales.com (new in customer account B) to perform the process.

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In order to carry out the migration of a Hosting service you will need the following information:

  1. To synchronize the content of the Web.

    • IP of the Origin Web Server
    • Web Path (Default is '/var/www/domain.tld/data/web')
    • Copy Web content via FTP
    • FTP User
    • FTP Password
  2. To synchronize the Database

    • Source Database Server IP
    • Database Name
    • Database User
    • Database User Password
  3. To migrate the email content, since they are Hosting services with different names, you must do it manually through the following manual.

We recommend that you compile it before starting the process, as it will be easier.

Where to find the necessary data

IP address of the Web and Database servers

Using the search engine above go to your Hosting service:

To see the IPs of the servers assigned to your service, click on Servers of the Service in the blue side menu:

You will have access to the IPs of the servers associated to your Hosting service:

Database Name and Username

To see the name of the Database of your Hosting service you will have to go to Service ManagementDB management. In the MariaDB section you will be able to see the databases created and their name:

In the DB Users section you will be able to see the database users that you have in your Hosting service:

info In strict compliance with ISO27001, LOPD and RGPD, from SW Hosting we do not know the passwords of the different accounts (FTP, DB, Mail...) that you have created in your Hosting service.

How to perform the migration

In the new customer account, we recommend to have the Hosting service created. To do this, you can follow the following manual.

Once the Hosting service is already created, we will use the migrations tool (in the new customer account) to copy the content. In the blue side menu ToolsFor migrate websitesMigrate a Web now:

In the case of having already created the Hosting service you will have to mark in which Hosting service you are going to migrate it.

You will have to fill in the data collected previously, finally you will be able to add an email account where you will be notified when the migration is finished.

Finally, click Accept and Create.