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How to upgrade SWPanel core on my Cloud Server


In order to upgrade SWPanel Core, you will need to connect via console to your server with “root” user.
To do this you can follow the manual on How do I access my Cloud using the console through SWPanel and the credentials you received at the time you deployed the Cloud.

Steps to upgrade SWHosting Core

First you will have to update the repositories of your Cloud Server. To do this you must launch the command ‘apt-get update’ in the console:

This command will not update your server, it will only check if there are new packages available.

enter image description here

Once finished, we will update only SWHosting RPC using the following command ‘apt-get install --only-upgrade swhosting-rpc’:

enter image description here

Finally, we check that the service is started with the command ‘service swhostingrpcd status’:

enter image description here

💡 You must check that the service appears in the command output as active (running).