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Use of your Hosting resources in SWPanel

To view the resources used by your Hosting, first go to the Dashboard of the same.

To do this, search for the name from the search bar:

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Once inside the Dashboard, go to the left side menu and click on "Service usage" --> "Resource usage":

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Resource usage

As soon as you open the Resource usage option, you will have different sections to visualise the consumption of resources:

1.Space detail: Shows the space occupied by the web, logs and email accounts. Also the total space occupied and available in the Hosting:

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2.E-mail, FTP and Database usage data:

Displays the number of active accounts and limit, regarding email accounts, email aliases, email lists, FTP accounts and Hosting databases:

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3.Traffic usage: This section is only available if hosting is hosted on a private server.

It shows the web traffic generated by the Hosting:

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