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Activate Surveillance of a domain

he domain monitoring service is a complementary service to domain registration, consisting of a daily analysis of the status of the domain specified by the customer. It is activated from the SWPanel. Our automatic systems check the status of a specific domain and notify you when it becomes free (or any other type of domain status).

SW Hosting only offers domain monitoring for the extensions available for registration, detailed at all times in the SWPanel. Any other extension cannot be monitored and this situation will be notified during the first step of the monitoring activation.


Checkpoints involve querying external Whois servers not controlled by SW Hosting. SW Hosting defines a single daily hourly checkpoint where the status checks of the domains under surveillance are performed, so only changes in the domain status will be detected at the checkpoint.

How to activate a domain watch

Click on Domains and SSL and go to Domain Watch:

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In this step, click on Activate surveillance.

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Next, enter the name of the domain you want to monitor and click check. Check the checkbox: I want to activate the monitoring of the domain manual.com in my domain monitoring portfolio and click Next.

enter image description here Now, you will have the option to register the domain when it is free, by filling in the Owner, Administrative Contact and Technical Contact fields. Once done, check the checkbox accepting the monitoring cost and click on Activate monitoring.

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In case you do not want to register it automatically, you have the option: "I want to receive a domain status notification". With this option you will be able to choose the Status with which you want to be notified and add the Email to which you want the surveillance notification to be sent.

If you agree with the costs, just click on Accept the contract and Activate the monitoring.

enter image description here Once completed, the domain will be monitored so that when it is in the status we have requested, it will autoregister or notify us, depending on what we have chosen.