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Affiliate network

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a commission agent; he charges a direct commission in exchange for the services and clients he provides.

How does the affiliate system work?

Very easy! When you join our affiliate program, we provide you an affiliate code and links (including the code) to our Hosting products. You will automatically receive a commission when someone purchases a new product through the link that we provide. Finally, you can withdraw your money whenever you want, once you accumulate a minimum amount, and very low, of € 20.

You can recommend us to your friends, readers, followers, community of users ... and continue earning money without any type of limit.

How much do I earn for each service release?

For each service registration made through your affiliate ID you will earn a commission. This will vary depending on the type of service contracted:

  • Standard Hosting -> € 20/sale
  • Avanced Hosting -> € 60/sale

How do I collect my commissions?

The minimum amount to collect the commissions that you accumulate is € 20. This amount will be withdrawn by making a self-invoice by SW Hosting, and once it has been issued, the amount will be paid to the Affiliate, leaving it as a credit in your SWPanel, so you can use it to contract new services and/or domains, or renew those you already have in your portfolio.

However, if you do not want to accumulate this money in your customer account you can also request the refund by bank transfer. For this, it will be necessary to open an Administrative Ticket.

How to activate your SW Hosting affiliate account?

You must access your SWPanel and place the cursor on the first icon in the upper right and select the option Affiliate Network.

enter image description here

Here you have to activate your account as a member of SW Hosting and accept this activation by entering the requested information. Then press the green "Activate as Affiliate" button.

enter image description here

To consult the information of your affiliate account (your code and your operations) you must return to the Affiliate Network tab

If your account is already active as an Affiliate, you can view your SW Hosting Affiliate code, as well as the example of how to link to our website with it.

On the right side, you can also see the transactions that have been made through your affiliate code. You will follow sales and commission statistics in real time. As you collect them, they will be marked on your affiliate dashboard.

Important: You must have your account validated to register as an affiliate. Simply follow this manual to validate your customer account.

Notifications and alerts

You will receive an email every time you generate a sale with your code, so you can know in real time the movements that are made through your affiliate ID.