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Enable forced HTTPS redirection

The forced HTTPS activation implies that all requests made to your website, through the HTTP protocol (Port 80), are automatically redirected to HTTPS (Port 443). This means that all requests made to port 80 will be internally redirected to port 443.

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To activate this option it is essential to have an SSL certificate activated and previously installed in your hosting or Cloud service. Attached are some manuals on how to proceed.

See manual: How to install SSL certificate Let's Encrypt with SWPanel

See manual: Install SSL certificate purchased through SWPanel

See manual: Installing third-party SSL certificate using SWPanel

In SW Hosting you can activate the forced HTTPS redirection through the Dashboard of your service in the SWPanel. The steps to activate it are as follows:

1. From the search box of your SWPanel, you will have to locate the service where the website on which you want to activate the forced HTTPS redirection is hosted.

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**2.**Once in the Dashboard of the service, you must click on the checkbox " Enable forced HTTPS redirection ", located in the box " Available enhancements ".

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**3.**In the window that will then open, click on the red button " YES, ACTIVATE ".

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After a short period of time, your forced HTTPS redirection will be fully operational for everyone accessing your site.