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How to access SWPanel using my Google or Facebook accounts

Your SWPanel allows you to login to your customer account using the same access credentials (username and password) of your Google or Facebook user account.

Thus, when accessing your SWPanel client account from the URL https://swpanel.com/login/go/ you will be able to use your Google or Facebook account to log in automatically and without the need to enter the username and password.

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The only condition is that the email of the Google or Facebook accounts you activate must be the same email you have as contact email in your SWPanel client account.

To associate your SWPanel login to your Google or Facebook accounts you must follow the following steps:

1) Log in to your SWPanel user account and go to the section "Customer Data and Preferences ".

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2) Go to the tab "Login with third parties " and click on the button "Associate Login to Google " or "Associate Login to Facebook ". enter image description here

3) In the following pop-up window enter your Google/Facebook email and then your password to validate your credentials and activate the association of your login to SWPanel.

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4) Once this process is completed, your SWPanel login will be associated to your Google/Facebook accounts and will allow you to access your SWPanel account with them.

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