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How to activate mail for Hosting Aliases

The mail function for Domain Aliases allows mails arriving to the domain alias to be forwarded to the main domain account.

For example, we have a domain swmanuales.com and a domain alias alias.swmanuales.com. The domain swmanuales.com has an email account [email protected].

If we send an email to [email protected] (this email account does not exist as such and has not been created manually) it will be received by the account [email protected].

This will happen regardless of whether the mail server of the main domain is hosted in your SWPanel or not. If this is not the case, we advise you to whitelist the server's IP in the whitelist of the main domain's mail server to avoid being rejected for any reason.

To activate the Alias mail, you will have to go to the dashboard of your alias.

enter image description here

Use the SWPanel search engine for easier access

Once in the dashboard, you must activate the extra Activate mail for Hosting Aliases. This extra is totally free:

enter image description here

Finally, you must accept the activation of the extra by clicking on the Yes, activate button:

enter image description here From this moment on, the e-mails that arrive to the e-mail accounts of the domain alias will be received by the e-mail accounts of the main domain.