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How to activate Smart Hosting + for your website

The Smart Hosting + is a tool based on Memcached that substantially improves the speed of a website, allowing it to load faster.

Smart Hosting + saves the most visited elements of your website in the RAM memory of your Cloud server, thus reducing the need to access an external data source such as a database or an API.

In this way your website first checks if they can access the data through the Smart Hosting + system before resorting to a slower data storage, such as a database.

All new Cloud servers with SWPanel and Linux OS version Debian v.11 or higher have the possibility to activate the Smart Hosting + system for your website.

To activate it on your website you must follow the following steps:

1. In the general Dashboard of your SWPanel look for the hosting service of your Cloud on which you want to activate the Smart Hosting + system and once located click on its name. enter image description here

2. Once located in the Dashboard of your Hosting service activate the Smart Hosting + option. enter image description here

3. In the next popup window click on the Yes, activate button enter image description here