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How to configure a Catch-All mailbox

What is a Catch-All mailbox?

A Catch-All mailbox is an email account that will receive all emails sent to @yourdomain.com that do not have a mailbox or alias created. Note that you will receive ALL emails sent to your domain. "All" means that you may receive a lot of junk mail or Spam.

Where will I receive all these mails?

When creating the Catch-All mailbox you will be able to indicate the email account that you want to receive all these emails.
It is not necessary that the destination email is an account of your domain, it can be any existing email account.

Create a "Catch-All" mailbox

You must locate, from the "Tree of active services", the service where you want to create the "Catch-All" mailbox, or you can use the general search engine of the SWPanel to find it: enter image description here

Once inside the Dashboard of the service, you must go to "Service management" → "Mail management" from the blue side menu:

enter image description here

Once in the menu "Mail management of your service", you must click on the tab "Catch-All Mailbox" and then indicate the account where you want to receive all the mails, click on the "check" and save the changes. You can consult our manual How to create a mailbox from SWPanel:

enter image description here That's it! From now on you will receive all mail addressed to @yourdomain.com that does not have a mailbox or alias created. If at any time you want to deactivate it, it is as easy as clicking on the "check" again and saving the changes.