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How to create a Cloud from SWPanel

To create a Cloud service from your SWPanel, you must first log in to your SWPanel , entering your username and password. Once you are in the Dashboard of your SWPanel, click on the "Create Service" button, located at the top right:

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Here you will choose the Cloud service that best suits your needs:

  • Cloud & Apps: Cloud servers in which you can choose the operating system, or with different pre-installed applications (Apps).

  • Cloud & Administration Panel: Cloud servers with different management panels to manage the server and the hosting services hosted on it.

  • Cloud & Engineering Support: Cloud servers that include the SWPanel as a management panel to manage the server and the hosting services hosted on it, in addition to 24/7 level 2 support from SW Hosting engineers.

As an example, we will choose the first one: Cloud & Apps. The next step will be to select the type of operating system you want for your Cloud server as well as the version:

Once you have chosen the operating system, you must indicate the type of Cloud you want:

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Next, add the size of the cloud to be created:

Customize your cloud according to your needs:

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Finally, you must choose the Data Center where you want to locate your server, the number of clouds with the same selected characteristics that you need to create and accept to formalize the contract:

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The system will take you directly to the "Active Services Tree " section and will show you the installation process of your new Cloud server:

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Once installed, you can start managing it by clicking on it.

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