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How to install XenTools on a Windows server

Sometimes we have found that some Windows updates generate incompatibilities with the Hypervisor Drivers.


Due to the conflict between the updates of the operating system and the Drivers, we have detected problems related to the network connection: slow network speed or disconfiguration of the network interfaces, slowness when reading or writing to the disk, etc.

In general, a system slowness caused by the new Drivers installed by Windows as opposed to the Hypervisor Drivers which are necessary for the correct operation of the system.

Therefore, the solution is to reinstall the Hypervisor Drivers and, in all cases where this has been done, it has solved the problem.

danger This process involves restarting the server, so it is advisable to have a Snapshot before starting the steps described below. How to create and manage SnapShots of your Cloud Server

Connecting to the server

First of all, you will need to connect to the server via remote desktop. Since it is possible that this problem has affected your server's network, we recommend that you connect via the SWPanel console, as this is a local console against the server.

You can follow the following guide.

Downloading the new Drivers

Once connected to the server, you must go to the following website:

Scroll to the bottom and download the XenServer VM Tools for Windows package:


Once downloaded, run the file:

Select Remove:

Select Remove again:

Click on the Finish option:

Most probably the process will ask you to restart the server:

Once the restart is finished, run the downloaded file again:

You will have to accept the agreement and click Next:

We recommend that you do not modify the installation path:

On the next screen, select the same options as the following screenshot:

Click Install:

Select Finish

You will be prompted to restart the server again:

Final revisions

We will access the Device Manager of the system. From the View tab select Show hidden devices:

Then, display the Network adapters section. You will need to uninstall the adapters that appear as hidden:

Network configuration

If you have problems with the network configuration, you can review the manual How to configure the network of a Windows server with the SWPanel data