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How to reinstall a Cloud server

Reinstalling a Cloud service can be useful to have a server with the same features as one created previously. Also, it is useful in case we have had any software problem that prevents us from recovering the server.

❗ Reinstalling a Cloud involves:

  • Irretrievably deleting all the data on the server.
  • Execute the installation process with the same configuration with which it was created in the first place.
  • The reinstalled Cloud will keep the same name, alias and IP address. If any, all backups will also be retained.
  • Reinstalling the Cloud will have no effect on billing or administration services.

Remember that if you experience any Software problem, you can communicate it to us via technical ticket and our technicians will do their best to solve it.

  1. First of all, you will need to locate the Cloud you want to reinstall:

    enter image description here

    💡 Remember that you can use the search engine to find the server quickly

  2. Once in the Dashboard of the service in question, you will have to go to the "Actions for this cloud" -> "Reinstall this Cloud" section:

    enter image description here

  3. Next, a new window will open in which we will be warned that the reinstallation of the Cloud implies the deletion of all the data. In addition, you will also be prompted to type a random word to ensure the deletion.

To continue with the reinstallation, you will have to formalize the changes and click on the "Reinstall now" button:

 ![enter image description here](https://static.swpanel.com/doc/2022/images/0172/0172_003_EN.webp)

The reinstallation of your Cloud server will start immediately.