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How to request a certificate of ownership of a domain

1. How to request the certificate of title

1.1 Access the domain portfolio

In the main Dashboard of your SWPanel access Domains and SSLDomain Portfolio:

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1.2 Access to the certificate request

From the menu […] select the option “Certificate of Domain Ownership”:

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1.3 Request certificate

The domain ownership certificate will be sent to the email configured in the domain contact. You can also check it in the certificate listing section from your SWPanel.

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info The process of generating and sending the certificate may take about 10 minutes.

2. How to view your domain certificates from SWPanel

2.1 Access to the Certificate lists

Access the list of certificates from the side menu “Reports and Certificates”“of Services or Domains”:

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2.2 Download or view your certificate

Locate your certificate in the list of certificates and click on the […] menu for it. Two actions View Certificate and Download Certificate will be displayed.

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info You can use the search engine to find your certificate more quickly.