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How to test the performance of your Hosting email in SWPanel

To test your Hosting email service through SWPanel in an automated way, you must first access the dashboard of your Hosting service.

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info You can do this easily through the SWPanel top browser:

Once in the dashboard, click on the "Do email performance check " icon:

enter image description here In this new window, you will have three types of checks that can be performed:

  1. General test of the Mail services: It checks the general aspects of the operation of the Hosting mail services. You can also perform an in-depth test, this will make the checks by accessing as a standard user would.

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  1. Mailing test: It will test, by means of mail messages, the sending and reception of these messages on the mail servers of the most widely used mail providers in the world.

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  1. Blacklist analysis: It will check if the mail server's IP is on any of the most common blacklists. You can also check the server's IP reputation

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Once an option has been checked and one of the sub-options, if any, has been selected, the relevant checks will be performed and the result will be returned at the bottom of the window along with a series of instructions to mitigate a possible problem.