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Increase and reduce my Cloud resources

Log in to your SWPanel by entering your username and password.

Click on the "Services" tab located on the left side blue menu and select your Cloud Server:

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Once inside your Cloud server, you will see a button bar with all the icons of the actions that you can perform on it.

Click on the first icon in the "Resources" section.

From here you will be able to customize your Cloud resources. As you will see, there are many options which we will explain one by one:

Customize the service resources

In this option you can increase the capacity of your hard disk and add the public IPs you need.

Please note that it is not possible to reduce the size of an already used hard disk, as this will damage the data stored on it and cause problems.

Customize value-added add-ons

In this option you can modify all the services and/or domains that the Cloud contains.

Customize the installed software or services

Here you can customize the different options related to remote access, DNS servers, the web/FTP server itself, the database and mail services.

Connection and Traffic, Management and control

In these options you can choose whether you want unlimited connection on your server and how much disk space your Snapshots will occupy.