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Move your Hosting to a Cloud with SWPanel

The "Move this Hosting to a Cloud" option allows you to change the location of a Hosting and, apart from that, to split its services in different servers.

If you do not have a Cloud, you can hire one by following the instructions in the manual below:

Create Cloud with SWPanel

Dividing the services of a Hosting, we refer to separate the Database, DNS and mail services in different Cloud servers.

¡Important! When dividing the services of a Hosting in different Clouds (for example: Cloud1 with Database and Cloud2 with Web, mail and DNS) a service with the same name will be created in each Cloud. As these services refer to the same Hosting, if you request the cancellation of one of them, both will be deleted.

  • To start, you must go to the Services Tree of your SWPanel and locate the Hosting service you want to move.

    - Captura 1 (acceso al servicio)

  • Once located, you must position the mouse pointer on the side menu [...] and click on "move this Hosting to a Cloud".

- Captura 2 (acceso a la herramienta)

  • Once in the section to move this Hosting to a Cloud, on the left side, you have to check the checkbox of the Cloud server to which you want to move the Hosting.
  • On the right side, you must select the Cloud server where you want the different Mail and Database services to be located. Also, you must specify which DNS server you want to point to your Hosting.

If you want all the Hosting services to be in the same Cloud, you only have to select the same Cloud server for Mail and Database. The DNS should be configured as follows:

  • DNS 1: dns1.swhosting.com, dns3.swhosting.com or to the Cloud to which the service is moved.
  • DNS 2: dns2.swhosting.com or dns4.swhosting.com

Once reviewed, you must click Next.

- Captura 3 (moviendo el servicio)

  • In this section you have to formalize the new configuration. Once reviewed, you have to click on Next.

    - Captura 4 (formalizar)

¡Important! We recommend that before starting the Hosting service redefinition process, you configure your web in maintenance status, so that there are no modifications at the file level or in the database during the period of time necessary for the redefinition of the service between your servers.

Important! When moving the services, if the DNS servers have been modified, you will have to wait for them to propagate again. The maximum time for this operation is 24/48 h.

  • Once formalized, the SWPanel will start to move the Hosting and the following message will appear in the Tree of active services: "This service is being prepared, wait a few minutes..." in your service.

  • When the process is finished, the message "Your Hosting Plan is being changed" will disappear and you will be able to manage it normally through the icon [...].

- Captura 6 (estado finalizado)