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SWPanel History

You can consult the history of actions performed, e-mails and direct messages from your SWPanel by clicking on the icon of your customer account and then on the "SWPanel History" section.

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In each of these sections, the history of actions performed in SWPanel, e-mail notifications (including those generated by an action performed in the panel), as well as direct messages issued by SW Hosting are recorded.

info In order to simplify the consultation of the history, in each section there is a search field to filter by content, filters by date, as well as the possibility of sorting the results by clicking on any of the columns.

History of SWPanel actions

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The action history records the actions performed through SWPanel such as the creation of services, domain registration, password changes, among others.

Likewise, by clicking on each record you can consult details such as the date and time of the action, connection IP, user...

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Historical Email Notifications

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This section contains the e-mail notifications generated by the actions performed in SWPanel (service contracting, report requests, etc.), as well as other communications related to the provision of the service.

The notifications are divided into four typologies according to their content:

  • General: Addressed to the contact designated as Representative, they are those related to the creation of services, accesses to the SWPanel, renewal of contracted services, etc.

  • Technical: Addressed to the technical contact, these are those related to resource usage alerts, technical tickets, monitoring system alerts, etc.

  • Administrative: Resolutions related to the modification of the NIF / CIF, administrative tickets, etc.

  • Invoicing: Issuance of invoices, payments, collections, etc.

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We can read any notification by clicking on it.

If the notification contains sensitive data or confidential information, for security reasons and in application of ISO 27001, the content will not be displayed:

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Direct message history

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SW Hosting will send you direct messages periodically in order to keep you informed of maintenance actions, new SWPanel features or products, among other information of interest.

Messages with special relevance will be opened directly on screen when you connect to SWPanel.

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