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Updating Ubuntu 19.04 repositories

Discontinuance of Ubuntu 19.04 Dingo Disk

Ubuntu version 19.04 ended its lifespan at the end of January 2020. Canonical, the company that makes the famous open source distribution possible, offered nine months of support, which entails that updates and their corresponding security patches will no longer be carried out. Despite this, SW Hosting continues to offer its deployment on Cloud VPS Ubuntu 19.04 instances.

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Are all Ubuntu versions so poorly supported ?

The LTS versions of Ubuntu (Long Term Service) have "support up to 2 years after release (formerly 3 years, having reached 5 years in the Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS version). This is not the case for the one we have on our servers.

So, what can I do with my Ubuntu server 19.04?

If you do not want to upgrade your Ubuntu operating system to a newer version, you can modify the source of the repositories that come by default in the Ubuntu 19.04 ISO, in order to have the old repositories.

How to modify the repositories of my Ubuntu 19.04?

First of all, you will need to access via SSH to your server. You can do this via the SWPanel console with the PuTTY software for Windows or the Linux or iMac console. Once you are on your server, you must edit the sources.list file, located in /etc/apt/. You can use nano or vim. For example:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

enter image description here Below you can see the repositories. enter image description here

Once here, you must modify the repositories to "old-releases". Example of how it should look like to receive new updates:

deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ disco main restricted

deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ disco-updates main restricted

deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ universe disk
deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ disco-updates universe

deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ multiverse-disk
deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ multiverse-disk-updates

deb http://**old-releases**.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ disk-backports main restricted universe multiverse

deb [http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu](http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu) disco-security main restricted
deb [http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu](http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu) disco-security universe
deb [http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu](http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu) disco-security multiverse

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danger IMPORTANT: to save the changes with the nano editor, remember that you will have to press the control + x keys on your keyboard.

Once the changes have been edited and saved, you will be able to update your server using the old repositories, as long as there are available packages to update.