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Systems Area

Highly motivated and experienced system administration professionals willing to work in a competitive technical environment. Good communicators with developed teamwork skills and ease for learning.

For incorporation into our systems area.

  • Proprietary and third party systems management.
  • Network and communication infrastructure management.
  • Customer problem diagnosis, cause detection and problem resolution.
  • Preferably from Girona or a nearby location.
  • Technical Engineer in Computer Systems or Telecommunications.
  • Specialization courses in DB systems such as Microsoft MsSQL Engineering or Oracle Certified Expert will be valued.
  • Specialization courses in caching systems such as Memcached or Varnish will be valued.
  • Expert knowledge of IIS, Apache and Weblogic is indispensable.
  • Knowledge of Tomcat and Liferay services deployment and management.
  • Previous experience of at least 1 year. Previous positions in a similar industry or company will be valued.
  • Experience in server configuration and diagnosis at hardware and systems level.
  • Experience in management of critical high availability systems such as Linux, Windows or Citrix.
  • Availability during some weekends and holidays.
  • Knowledge of network configuration, management, administration and deployment. Cisco CCNA o CCNP certifications will be valued.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Spanish, Catalan and English. English B2 or First Certificate minimum proficiency and at least C level for Spanish and Catalan.
We offer
  • Incorporation in a highly technical area.
  • Competitive and motivating work environment.
  • Schedule flexibility depending on work shifts.
  • Salary + productivity based incentives.
  • Growth and promotion opportunities to higher responsibility positions.

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SW Hosting Europe

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Pol.Ind. Mas Llado II
17458 Fornells de la Selva
Girona (Spain)

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