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How to create a Cloud using a Template

How to create a Cloud using a Template

A Cloud deployment template allows you to create a Cloud server with the same resources as the original (without data).

⚠️ Important: When deploying a service using a deployment template, the same IP will be configured as on the server used to create it. So there may be connectivity problems until this is changed.

  • In the case of a Linux server, you will have to configure the server IP with the IP that you will find in your SWPanel.

  • In the case of a Windows service, you must also use the sysprep tool to avoid problems of duplicate names / IDs within the same network.

To create a Deployment Template you can follow this manual: How to create Cloud Deployment Templates

Deploying a service through a Template

You will need to access the service tree of your SWPanel account:

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Locate the Deployment Template you want to use, position the cursor over the [...] menu and click on the 'Deploy a Cloud from this Template' option:

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In the "Template Features" section you will see the features with which the Cloud server will be deployed.

You will have to read and accept the informative notice and finally click on the "Create Template Now" button:

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Once the server creation process is finished, the server will be displayed in the Active Services Tree section like any other.

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