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How to create Cloud deployment templates

How to create a Cloud deployment template

A Cloud deployment template allows you to create a Cloud server with the same resources as the original (without data).

⚠️ Important: In order to create a Cloud deployment template, your Cloud server must not have SWPanel. However, the server can have a One Click App installed.

Creating the template

You will need to access the services tree of your SWPanel account:

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Locate the Cloud service you want to use to create the template and, from the menu [...] select the option "Create a Deployment Template":

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In the "Template Detail" section you will be able to see the features with which your template will be created.

You will have to read and accept the informative notice and finally click on the "Create Template Now" button:

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Once the template creation process is finished, it will be displayed in the Active Services Tree section.

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