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How to restart a registration or transfer of a domain

When making a registration or transfer of a domain, the process may be in error due to various reasons (missing data in contacts, incorrect authcode, blocked domain, etc). When this happens, our system sends a domain status email indicating that an error has occurred.

Then, you have two options: Restart or Cancel the registration/transfer

Restart the registration/transfer

To restart the registration or transfer of a domain, you must access your SWPanel and click on the Domains & SSL tab, that appears in the left side menu in blue -> Domain portfolio

Your domain will appear here with an error icon on your left. If you click on it, the type of error occurred will be detailed

enter image description here

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If you display the tab that appears to the right of the domain, you can restart the registration or transfer

In case of domain transfer, indicate the authhcode again (except if it is .ES, since it does not require it), accept the checkbox and click on "Restart transfer" enter image description here

When you restart a domain transfer, you receive again the transfer approval mail to the domain's administrative contact. This email is sent by the current domain registrar and serves to authorize or cancel the transfer.

This action must be done within the deadline established in the same mail. Normally it is 3 calendar days. If you do not respond before this period, the domain will not be transferred.

When you have accepted the transfer, it will be completed within a maximum of 5 days unless the current provider denies the request.

Our system will notify you of the completion of the registration or transfer with an email.

When the registration or transfer process has been completed, you will not be able to transfer the domain again to another registrar until 60 days have elapsed.

You will receive one last email, in accordance with the regulations of the international organization for ICANN domains, and as explained in the Whois Accuracy manual, with a link to verify your email address.

It is very important to take care of this email and validate this address within the established period of time (15 days); otherwise, the domain will be deactivated until it is verified.